Sunday, September 02, 2007

POTW (pick of the week)... AGAIN!!!

Yes, you read it right my friends!
My fourth entry to the SMI challenge, ALTERED WOOD CHOPPING BLOCK turned KEY and BILLS holder was the Pick Of The Week!

This time, nobody texted me hehe
SO, imagine my SURPRISE when I SAW my emails congratulating ME as POTW (yet,again)! It was really unexpected on my part because THERE WERE LOTS OF SPECTACULAR ALTERED ENTRIES, I AM TELLING YOU!! And I really thought my entry has no chance to be picked among those very creative entries.. WOW!! Really wow!!! hahaha
I have never hyperventilated in my entire life and I THINK a few minutes after reading all the mails and checking the Moms' site (if it's really true hahaha), I DID! Not OA but I really felt it was hard to breath, just for a while ok?!?!
Besides,I have no one here to share it with, the joy leaping in my chest and the squeal wanting to come out of my throat! hahaha
{My mom and SIL (and my fireball niece, CHESKA) were all sound asleep already hehe}

Ms Connie Tameling DT member of Daisy Bucket Designs and Scrappin' Trends was the guest judge for the previous round and boy, how I loved all the wonderful words she said to my work and why she chose it as POTW. :) Thanks Ms. Connie!!! (check out her blog)

Please please HEAD to the Scrappin Moms site and take a look at all the wonderful altered items my fellow idol movers did.. you will certainly find lots of inspiring works that you might want to try for yourself. I sure did find them very CREATIVE and USEFUL.

Well, as the saying goes in Filipino, "Wag kang magsalita ng tapos," I am taking back what I said that I WILL NEVER ALTER ANYTHING AGAIN because this round made me realize to never look in everything the same way again! hahaha

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. :)
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marj said...

hey donna..when i found out that u were POTW again,i was so upset i do not have ur cel number! i wanted to call overseas right there and then coz when u weren't showing up in any of the threads,i knew u have no idea!way to go sis!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi there girlfriend! naku nmn so touched sa message mo promise! thank you for believing in me :) sige let's exchange numbers hahaha malay natin in the future diba :) hehehe thanks so much!!!

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