Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MY SMI Challenge entries

Well, after 6 rounds in the challenge, I got wacked hehehe
My first reaction was like... an ice-cold water was thrown out at me, my knees felt like jellies and I thought for a minute there that I misread the names of the final 12 contestants. But no, it's clear as daylight.

Finally, I was out of the ball game.

Hayyyy... I didn't know what to do, if I'd cry or what.
I'd be a hypocrite if I say I didn't mind.
I did mind. But my head asked the question right away.. "WHY?????!?!??!?!?!"
So I head off to the gallery and looked at the first entry my mouse clicked (will not say which one hehehe). I wasn't really looking, I was just staring at my monitor. Hmmm what's wrong with my layout??
My eyes averted to the journaling part and looked at the layout as a WHOLE... and THEN it HIT me... hmmmm, ok now I know :D I was thinking to leave comments on all the layouts but KABOOM!!! my pc died. what the F!@(?!? The power went out, again for the nth time!!! grrr...

To continue with my sentiments.... hehehe
It may be sad and bittersweet to say, but I know which part of my layout made me at the bottom 3 of the finalists. Well, I don't really know what the judges thought and how they scored us but in my opinion, there is really something lacking in my final entry. I am not saying these things to kid myself, no I am not that kind of person. There has to be something, lacking (not wrong) with what I did (for A CHALLENGE). I tried to explain to some of my friends (who were as devasted as well) how, I think, my entry didn't make it. And I guess (I hope) they understood. After contemplating for over several hours, there were thoughts like, "Shocks, I should have made that, this..", "Why didn't I do that instead??" and a lot more.. but then again, it's finished and I have to learn my lesson from whatever I did NOT DO to make it at the final 12.

I am not looking at my final entry as a failure, I am looking at it as a beacon of hope (ah, naks.. lalim!!! hahaha!!) and a source of inspiration to improve and be better in what I love doing. It may have not won or made me one of the final 12 but it has served its purpose, it enlightened and inspired me :D

Hay naku tama na ang drama (enough of that drama) hahaha Finally I will be able to post my entries here in my blog :D

Elimination round: Scraplift your idol. My idol is CD Muckosky.

Round 1: Cardstock only challenge

Round 2: One color only challenge. This was my first POTW.

Round 3: Altered Chopping Board_Key/bills holder. My second POTW.

Round 4: Significant photo

Round 5: No photos allowed challenge, scrap memorabilia or ephemera.

Last but not the least...

Round 6 entry: Life, challenges and lessons learned.

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Alby said...

Hi Donna. I understand how you feel about getting eliminated. And I totally agree that when you join a challenge, you definitely want to win. However, don't think that you are any less talented just because you got eliminated. You are one talented scrapper and you have a string of accomplishments to prove it. Within Idol itself, you got chosen not once but twice in a row as POTW. Other than that, you also won 3BIAR challenge also 2x in a row. You are MLA's 1st DT. And a whoile lot more. So, cheers! You're a great scrapper.

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi alby! yeah that's exactly how i feel and think abt all of these. dnt worry, rest assured that i am not seeing myself less because of this. btw, what i've written here is all of ME only, only my thoughts and feelings. i hope nobody will get me wrong or feel violated or something hehehe if anybody would read my blog and see this entry i really hope they see the positive side of my point. besides, these are MY words FOR MYSELF :) uy thank you tlaga ha for dropping by and leaving a comment pa, that tops it :) mwuah!

Lee i. said...

i'm just waiting for the donna "revenge." hehehe. or the comeback of the donna. :-)

C70 said...

Donna, I second all that Alby said :D You are a talented scrapper, a multi-awarded one, at that. Looking forward to more gorgeous pages from you!

Marci Knecht said...

Donna, I love your blog :) You're challenge layouts are beautiful! So much detail work.

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